Sunday, 28 December 2014

Changing from Soya milk to Oat milk..

Hey guys..

I came across this picture today and I just had to share it, It's so funny and it really makes me think about consuming milk, which I don't anymore as I have made our home completely dairy free so my son can be totally safe in his own home.  Looking at this picture I see a human male drinking a cow's breast milk which is surely meant for it's calf? The more I learn about cow's milk the more I have no idea why us humans have ever consumed it! 

Whilst researching cow's milk, allergies and various recipes online I have learnt a lot about how different foods are produced and which chemicals, hormones and antibiotics are used in the process and how these can affect our health! I'll save all the gory details for another post though as it is going to be a LONG one but lets just say I am buying more and more organic foods every day and could quite happily never eat dairy ever again !!

My son is now on oat milk, he has been having soya desserts from around six months old and changed from Neocate LCP to the soya +1 milk at 11 months old he is now 17 months old.  He has always had loose stools and his GP, dietitian, pediatrician and gastro specialist all told us on separate occasions that this is normal, I knew in my heart it wasn't but being a first time mum and having no one to compare this with we carried on as we were.  My son was fed dairy 'accidentally' at a nursery in October 2014 and had a real bad reaction which lasted for around 3-4 weeks after that he was better but still not 100% and I kept saying to my mum something is still bothering him, all kinds of things were running through my mind and I thought maybe it's gluten or wheat but after reading some of the other mums posts in a cow's milk protein allergy support group on Facebook I realised it is very likely to be the soya. So I removed the soya milk and desserts from his diet, the first three days were hard work it was as though he had an addiction and had gone 'cold turkey' but after the initial three days he suddenly had a great appetite (he's always been a fussy eater), he was happier, his stools became soft, he started giving cuddles for the first time and wasn't clingy anymore.  I had no idea the soya must of been bothering him, It's so hard when your child can't tell you how they feel and your having to guess all the time.  I haven't removed soya totally from his diet yet so he still has small amounts which is already in foods such as his bread, the reason I haven't totally removed it is I am hoping it was the amount of soya he was having which was effecting him and he's not soya allergic.  I read somewhere (can't remember where - sorry) that having soya milk as a main drink is like having baked beans for every meal! I have no idea how credible that information is but when I read it it made sense to me in regards to my sons symptoms.  

I hope by sharing my experience it will help other parents.

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