Monday, 29 December 2014

Dairy and Soya Free Garlic Bread

Today’s supermarket find.. Dairy and Soya Free Garlic Bread!!!

Yay!!! I finally found some dairy free garlic bread and it is really yummy! I have recently made my own garlic butter to use on bread for my son, I made it with the olive dairy free spread so i'll be posting that recipe soon but these shop brought ones are great to grab from the freezer when your short on time, we had them tonight with spaghetti bolognese and they went down a treat.  

I get so excited seeing my son eat new foods when i've found a dairy free version, I know any other parents will totally understand this excited feeling which is why I am on a mission at the moment to find as many dairy free foods in the supermarkets as possible and share them all with you guys so your little ones can enjoy a variety of foods and not miss out.  

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Disclaimer: Always double check ingredients before purchasing as manufactures can change their products at any time.

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