Monday, 29 December 2014

Dairy Free Cheese

Today’s supermarket find..  SHEESE - Dairy Free Cheese!

I actually brought this dairy free cheese in Unicorn Grocers in Chorloton, Manchester.  It's a vegan grocers and my new favorite store, it's such a relaxing feeling to browse in a supermarket and know that what ever you choose to buy in there it is completely dairy free.  They also have a little play area at the back of the store so your little one's can play and they have a stand full of apples for your little one's to enjoy free of charge whilst playing.  They sell a lot of organic foods and all of the fruit and veg are organic, I am trying to eat mainly organic after some recent research about how certain foods are produced.  

Here's a link to the stores website: Unicorn Grocery

This cheese tastes great melted on toast!

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Disclaimer: Always double check ingredients before purchasing as manufactures can change their products at any time.

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