Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Are you allergic to Barley? If you are read this!

Bisto - Gravy powder ingredients have changed !

Bisto gravy powder contains barely and is now a may contain milk and soya

This week my son has been reacting so I am racking my brain to figure out what it is, so far I think he could be starting to react to oatly milk (please let it not be that).  When I was cooking yesterday and opened my spice cupboard and something made the ingredients section on the side of the gravy powder box jump out at me! I have always used this gravy powder in my cooking and of course I checked the ingredients before first giving it to my son as he was diagnosed with cow's milk protein allergy at five weeks old, so I check everything before feeding it to him.  I noticed it said 'produced in a factory which handles milk'. 

This last week we have had a lot of stews, mash, veg and gravy, hotpots and a roast dinner. As I use this powder in my stews and hotpots for flavour, when I think about it my son has had this gravy powder nearly every day this week. He is usually ok with may contains now and then, I know they are always a risk though. Anyway I also have an unopened box in my cupboard and I don't know why but something made me read the ingredients list on that one too and to my shock it is different!! So Bisto gravy powder now contains barley and states that it may contain milk and soya, see pics below..

Bisto gravy powder contains barely and is now a may contain milk and soya

So where has the soya and barley come from??? Well it says the barely is in the yeast powder.  I think its great that they have updated their ingredient list if it now reflects the true ingredients. I am guessing it's the new allergy law which has prompted this change.  I can't help but worry though , it's just scary to think these manufactures can leave such allergens off the list in the first place? I don't believe that they have recently changed the yeast powder that they use, however I am going to email them to clarify this - before I judge! I will update this post with their response once I have it.

Bisto gravy powder contains barely and is now a may contain milk and soya

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Disclaimer: Always double check ingredients before purchasing/consuming as manufactures can change their products at any time.  May contains are always a risk. 

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