Friday, 2 January 2015

Grandma's Hot Pot With Dairy Free Crust..

Grandma's Hot Pot With Dairy Free Crust..

Dairy free recipes, cow's milk protein allergy

My son absolutely loves his Grandma's homemade meals especially her hot pot, however this is the first time he's actually had the pastry with it as we've now discovered the Jus-Rol shortcrust pastry sheet sold in most supermarkets is dairy free.  It's also soya free and egg free, for those of you who need to avoid soya and eggs.  

I asked my mum to tell me her recipe so I could share it with you all.  I think a home cooked meal like this one is just what you need on these cold winter nights.  You can adjust the amount of carrots and potatoes you use in this recipe, my mum just uses what she has in her kitchen at the time which is why there is no quantities available for these in the ingredient list below.    

You'll notice my mum used mostly organic ingredients, this is because I am trying to eat mainly organic since reading about how Round Up (yes the weed killer) is used to mass produce our wheat crops in the UK.  The wheat crops have been sprayed with Round Up since 1980 and I do not want to consume Round Up whether it is a tiny amount or not over time i'm pretty sure this will effect mine and my sons health.  My son has had so many gut issues since birth and I really don't want him consuming chemicals which could cause more issues so I have decided organic is the way to go for us.  I've done a lot of reading lately about different chemicals used to grow fruit and veg and the many antibiotics and hormones used on animals to make them grow quicker.  I'll be writing a separate blog post about my organic journey at a later date.  

You don't need to use organic produce to make Grandma's hot pot and the pastry we used is not organic.  


450g Organic Beef
2 Organic Beef Stock Cubes
1 Organic Onion
Organic Potatoes
Organic Carrots
4 Heaped tbsp Bisto Original Gravy Powder
Organic Olive Oil 
Jus-Rol Shortcrust Pastry


1. Heat olive oil in pan and fry the onion and beef until the beef is brown on all sides.
2. Place beef, onions and chopped carrots in a large oven dish with the beef stock cubes and enough water to cover the beef.  Place oven dish at the bottom of the oven on gas mark 4 for around four hours.
3. Peel and chop potatoes then steam until soft.  Add potatoes to oven dish and thicken the mixture using Bisto gravy powder.  Leave at the bottom of the oven while cooking the jus-rol pastry.
4. Follow instructions on the dairy free shop brought jus-rol pastry and then serve with Grandma's hot pot.

Dairy free recipes, cow's milk protein allergy

You can also make this recipe using a slow cooker, get your slow cooker here.

I'll be making a dairy free fruit sorbet tomorrow, Like our Facebook page to make sure you see the recipe once it's posted.  

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